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Stop wasting money on credit card processing fees and rates!
Every merchant account has a statement and they all have fees!
Since every merchant account has a statement, your company needs to see exactly what they are paying. Our 4 Partner Banks will look at your merchant statement and let you know if you are paying to much. The service is FREE if you take their offer and switch your merchant account to the bank with your awesome offer. If not then it's $19.00 for this service (one time). We look forward to seeing your upload or your merchant processing statements. We wil get back to you with a cost comparison just as soon as we get them back from our Partner Banks.  
Save tons on your monthly and yearly bottom line!

We know what your paying just by looking at your Monthly Credit Card Processing statement. We do it all day long!

  • Full statement Analysis
  • All accounts accepted

  • Multiple locations ok
  • Upload statements


Partners we trust

We have some great Banking Partners that love our service- With 4 different banks signed up for a statements analysis with our merchants, You are bound to find the offer of your dreams. Up load your last 2-3 months credit card processing statements through creating a support ticket. New customers will need to make a new account.

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"We are working at almost twice the capacity".
Due to the rapid re-opening of the country due to Covid-19. Please allow 24-48hrs for your statement analysis to come back from our partner banks.
David Truby, President